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"Mother of Pearl Handmade Square Napkin Ring with Swarovski Crystals"


Look at these nautical treasures!!! They are a "must" for the distinguished table setting. Each artisan naphin holder is handcrafted, the metal is handformed and accented with Swarovski crystals on both sides. The seashell is pearlized and gives the mother of pearl decor so you know it's fine dining time. These are created for those decorators and artist who know how to entertain and like a touch of elegance. Dress up your table for those special events, the holidays, or even a nice dinner. Love the elegance!


Gift hunting? Look no further, it's a beautiful gift for someone meaningful in your life. Enjoy your set of four (4) artisan "Mother of Pearl Handmade Square Napkin Rings." Cheers!


Features: Natural seashell, silk cording, Swarovski crystal, and handmade metal napkin ring/holder. Excellent craftmanship. Handmade in the U.S.A.


Ring/Holder measurements: 1.5 inches (h) x 1.75 inches (w)


Care Instrustions: Use soft cloth with mild soap, delicately clean ring portion. Do not use cloth on crystals or semi-precious stones. Lay flat to air dry. Not dishwarder safe. Treat with love!

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